Cruises With Kids

Many families consider cruising with kids a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Cruises can last between two and 180 days. Cruising is a wonderful choice for many families because there are so many different things included in your ticket price; however, it is important to learn exactly what is covered because different cruise ships have different policies. Many families find cruising with kids a great way to spend a vacation.

Cruise Considerations

There are many different types of cruises, so you need to choose the one that is best for your family. Some families find all the activities aboard a large vessel suits their needs perfectly while others choose to sail on smaller ships.

Deciding on where you want to travel can consume a lot of time. There are more than 22 departure points in the United States. Choosing to leave from one of these usually means fewer travel hassles when you have kids in tow. You will not need a passport on most cruises beginning and ending at the same United States port, but you may need proof that you were born in the country or are a legal citizen.

The time of year that you want to take your cruise may make a huge difference in the cost of your cruise. The most popular cruise destination in the world is the Caribbean, and you can save money by planning your vacation there during September and October. The second most popular destination is Alaska, and you can save money by booking your cruise during May or September. Do not overlook the possibility of getting on a repositioning cruise as cruise lines move ships from one route to another, but you need to figure in your additional travel costs.

Benefits of a Cruise

The chance to get away with your family on a vacation is an opportunity to build memories. Children and teen clubs on most ships makes it easy to keep little ones entertained. On almost all ships, your food and some beverages are included in your ticket price. Since many cruises move from one port to another daily, going on a cruise lets you explore different destinations without being locked in a car all day and without reserving different hotels each night. On many ships, parents can feed children first allowing you to drop them off at the children's club after the meal.

Popular Cruises with Kids

When booking cruises with kids, consider the ship that you will be sailing on. The cruise industry wants to attract families, so the newer ships are built with many child-friendly bells and whistles while older ships are retrofitted with some family-friendly amenities.

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