Free Cruise

If you work for a cruise line, then you go on cruises all the time. However, since you're working a job, it's not truly free. Yet, there are ways for you to cruise for free that you likely don't know about.

Ways To Get A Free Cruise

There are several innovative ways to go on a cruise without paying for your passage.

  • Be a group leader
  • Work with singles groups
  • Be a gentelman host
  • Offer services as a guest lecturer
  • Serve as a chaplain

Here are the details outlining how each of these ways can qualify for a free cruise.

Tour Conductor

Most cruise lines have an option for a tour conductor. This person organizes a group of 16 or more travelers interested in taking a cruise. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America, Celebrity, Norwegian, and other cruise lines offer a free cruise to the group leader who books 16 people for a cruise. The director is responsible for paying any charges and taxes to the port, as well as their airfare, if necessary, but their cabin is free. Some cruise lines allow the group to divide up the rate for the 16th person, so everyone gets a discount.

Mingle With Singles

Work with a singles group on-board is a great way to travel for free. Most travelers who work with singles on a cruise have experience as tour conductors. The position isn't for someone who expects a lot of free time, but it's a good way to go on a cruise and mingle with other singles.

Gentlemen Hosts

More older, single women book cruises than men. One way for a man to get a free cruise is to be a dance host. Cruise lines pay men to socialize and dance with single ladies. Men who work as hosts must be social and excellent dancers.

Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers are a big attraction on cruises. Cruise lines offer enrichment lectures by:

  • authors
  • historians
  • naturalists
  • TV personalities
  • politicians

Guest Lecturers For Enrichment Programs

Historians that specialize in the ship's history and cruise destinations often lecture on European cruises, while wildlife specialists often lecture on Alaskan cruises. However, cruise lines have lists of people that they want to lecture on their cruises. The only way to get a position as a lecturer with a cruise line is to be recommended by a lecturer who currently works on a cruise line.

Clergy To Officiate On Cruises

Priests, ministers, and rabbis can get free passage on a cruise when they offer their services during the voyage. Cruise ships that sail into ports in foreign countries often have a cleric on-board for Sunday services and to celebrate the Eucharist. Although officiating at church services isn't a position that is paid, it is an exciting way for a clergyman and spouse to enjoy a vacation at sea. Although Catholic priests most commonly officiate on cruise ships, a member of the clergy of any denomination can officiate. Easter, Christmas, and Jewish holidays are the times that clergy cruise most often.

Other ways to get free cruises are:

  • Two-For-One Deals
  • Free Children's Cruises

Two-for-one specials on cruise lines vary depending on the cruise line with which you sail. On select sailings, you may be able to get a balcony suite with complimentary packages for meals, drinks, or activities. A good option for families is to book a cruise where kids under age 12 are free. The terms vary with each cruise line.

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