One Way Airline Tickets

If you're not planning to return after your next flight, the obvious choice is to purchase a one-way airline ticket. The task of booking your one-way flight can be a daunting one when you start to consider the many options of airlines to choose from, the prices of one-way tickets, and the research you should conduct before you book. There are some potential drawbacks when it comes to one-way flights, but don't let that change your mind!

Things to Consider

There is a lot of preparation and stress that can be involved when you travel. If you are traveling one-way, there are also several things to take into consideration that can keep a little bit of stress off of your wallet during your travels.

Listed are a few things you may want to consider before booking your flight:

  • Destination If your destination is in the United States it will most likely be cheapest to only purchase a one-way ticket. On the other hand, if you are flying out of the country a round trip flight may be the cheaper option, but be wary of throwaway ticketing.
  • Flight Time A way you can keep your costs down when purchasing your ticket is to choose a less desirable flying time. Flights that leave in the early morning tend to be cheaper, for example. Also, if your schedule is flexible, flying in the middle of the week is often more frugal than weekend traveling.
  • Pricing The price for one-way tickets can seem a little steep. That is because one-way tickets disrupt flight schedules, so airlines like to dissuade customers from purchasing them.

Saving Money on One Way Tickets

Booking a one-way ticket may be expensive, but that doesn't need to discourage you! Using a booking site when you purchase your ticket can help you save money. You can also take a few small steps, such as booking in advance, being flexible with your flight time, and researching your options and pricing to save money.

Airlines that Sell One Way Tickets

There are some airlines that base their ticket pricing according to one-way ticket prices instead of round-trip. They'll charge you for each leg of your journey that you book a flight for. This is another way you can save some money on your ticket purchase!

Listed below are a few of the airlines that operate this way:

  • JetBlue
  • Air Lingus
  • Norwegian Air
  • Spirit
  • Southwest

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