Every day, there are people traveling for personal or business reasons. People need luggage to hold their clothes and other necessities. There are resources online to show people how to choose the right type of luggage and how to maintain it.

Choosing the Right Luggage

There are many things to consider when buying new luggage:

  • Sturdiness Quality luggage is durable. When a person's luggage breaks during travel it is frustrating. People should look at how the luggage is constructed before purchase. One thing to zero in on is the zipper. Chain zippers make it harder than coil zippers for a potential thief to break in. People should also pay attention to the material the luggage is made from. This is either a sturdy soft material or hard-sided material. Luggage made with the hard-sized material is more durable overall.
  • Weight & Size Most people like to pack a lot. Therefore, they need to make sure their new luggage does not weight much when empty. Then, they can pack more and still ensure the weight does not go over 50 pounds. Size also matters when someone is choosing carry-on luggage. They need to ensure it will fit either under the seat in front of them or in the overhead compartment.
  • Wheels People should also check if the luggage has wheels. Most luggage comes with either two wheels attached or four wheels, making it easier for them. People should also ensure the wheels work properly before purchase.
  • Style Luggage that stands out is easier to find at baggage claim. Black suitcases are too common. More colorful luggage is better.

Luggage Maintainence

After buying new luggage, one should maintain it so it continues to look and work nicely. People can maintain luggage by doing the following:

  • Regular Cleaning How a person cleans the outside and inside of their luggage depends on the material that the luggage is made of. Luggage should always be cleaned by hand. It should never go in the washing machine. Using a simple solution of soap and water is ideal.
  • Making Repairs When someone notices a small defect in their luggage, such as a faulty zipper, they should get it fixed promptly before it becomes a larger problem. Giving the luggage a proper once over before packing for a trip can help a person notice those problems and get them fixed.
  • Storing Properly People should not just throw their luggage into a closet. It needs to be stored upright on its wheels and put somewhere safe.

Top 5 Routes for "Luggage"

  1. "Six Things to Consider When Buying Luggage" by Samantha Brown This article by Samantha Brown goes into what people should look for when buying luggage. It also stresses that everyone travels differently. The type of luggage that is right for one person may not be right for another.
  2. In this article, Susan Feinstein focuses on two main factors that contribute to the satisfaction people have with their luggage: Wheels and Durableness.The article goes into detail about how to ensure durability, including checking the type of zipper and type of handle.
  3. Expert World Travel You want to keep your luggage in good condition. This article from expert world travel focuses on how to repair suitcases at home with your own DIY tools. 
  4. This article focuses on carry-on luggage. Besides size consideration and basic durability, Leslie Wu also writes about organizing stuff in the carry-on.
  5. This article goes into how to properly pack a suitcase to help prevent mishaps. The video attached illustrates how to pack everything you need for a trip efficiently.

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