USA Full Map

USA Full Map

There are many different types of maps available today that provide all sorts of information. These maps not only detail the physical layout of the world, but they can also present information on the climate, terrain, road systems, points of interest and other attributes as well. Maps are presented in varying formats, such as printed wall maps, globes, and interactive online images.

Maps can provide almost any type of data required and are readily available. Whether for navigational purposes, details on a country's capital, statistics on the average climate or the layout of the terrain, these maps will provide all the needed information.


A topographic map is a physical map that displays features of a natural and artificial formation. In contrast to physical maps which use colors, a topographic map uses contour lines to show changes in the terrain. These contour lines are representations of designated measurements of elevations and are lines that connect areas of equal elevation. Topographic maps are usually a series of map segments that are part of a whole set.

Current topographic maps are derived from digital GIS, or Geographic Information System, databases. These databases include information on the shapes and locations of geographic features that are represented by points, lines, areas and other features and their attributes. Earlier maps from 1884 to 2006 have been scanned into stored images.


Political maps show state and national information, rather than the physical features of the landscape. In these layouts, boundaries are marked, and regions are colored based on political party preferences. Capital cities are typically marked as stars.


Climate maps are charts that detail information on the general climate of an area. This information is compiled from data such as precipitation, humidity, cloud cover, wind speed and other similar variables. Different colors are used to show contrasting precipitation and temperature zones.


A physical map is a representation of the physical characteristics of an area. Typical features include lakes, rivers, mountains, and plains. Water is always blue, and land is shown in varying degrees of browns and greens. Green denotes lower elevations and brown for higher elevations.


Typically used for travel, road maps are the most common. They detail information on roads and railways. Points of interest such as rest areas, parks, hospitals, airports and other important locations are marked in these layouts. There is usually a key on the map that correlates to the markings and symbols on the map. Major highways are larger and red, and minor roads are lighter in color and more narrow.


A thematic map is a map that concentrates on a certain theme or subject. This is different from other maps in that they do not have general map information of physical attributes, but instead offer this reference data as it relates to the theme. Common themes can be population, climate and health trends.

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  2. Army Study Guide This site has a good amount of useful information on all sorts of maps. It is not an official army publication.
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  4. Map of US This site includes interesting information on other types of maps that are not usually listed on map sites. The historical use of these maps is described.
  5. jRank This site is an educational site that is geared toward children. The information about the different types of maps is correlated to geography in detailed but easy to understand modules. The information is useful for all ages.

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