Luxury Train Trips in the USA & Canada

Luxury Train Trips in the USA and Canada

There are few things more romantic or whimsical than traveling by train through idyllic North American landscapes. The only thing that makes it better is to do so in the lap of luxury. Here are the top three luxury train trips to take in the USA and Canada.

Rocky Mountaineer

Looking to travel within Western Canada? Then look no further than the super luxurious Rocky Mountaineer. Offering connections between Seattle and the Canadian hub of Vancouver, journeys through the Canadian Rockies and the Goldrush country of Quesnel are also available.

The most popular (and most picturesque) route- First Passage to the West- winds its way through the canyons and mountain ranges of British Columbia before ending in the beautiful towns of Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta. Two-day trips on this route begin at $1,499 CAD, and the full route of five days is priced from $2,349 CAD.

Onboard service comes in one of two luxury categories: SilverLeaf, or the slightly more opulent GoldLeaf. Both service packages come with access to an outdoor area, full storytelling by onboard hosts, and complimentary gourmet snacks and drinks throughout the journey. The difference with GoldLeaf is that guests are attended by 3-4 hosts instead of 2, and the bi-level coach has full instead of oversized dome windows.

American Railway Explorer

With three historic railcars to choose from all renovated back to their former glory, the American Railway Explorer offers only the most opulent charter rail experience. Cars are linked to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains, giving passengers the complete freedom to choose from dozens of custom itineraries. The most popular routes make stops in the Southern California cities of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

The cost to charter is $5,000 per day, per railway car. This includes a pre-trip concierge to help plan the trip, linens, a mechanic, and a manager. A full catering team, as well as stocked bar and bar staff, are available at an extra cost. Capacity varies by car, but all three cars combined can hold up to 64 people during the day with sleeping space for 22.

The Canadian with VIA Rail

Choose the Prestige Class on this cross-country journey to experience the best Canada has to offer in complete opulence. From Vancouver to Toronto, this journey's stops include Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Sioux Lookout- providing a taste of every type of Canadian landscape.

Every cabin in the Prestige Class is equipped with a private bathroom with shower, huge panoramic window, and a double bed that converts to a leather sectional couch by day. The trip is made even more special with concierge service, wine tastings, lectures on local geography and history, and priority seating in the dining car with complimentary bar service. Rates begin at $8,000 CAD per double occupancy cabin for the four-day journey.

Top 5 Routes for "Luxury Train Trips in the USA and Canada"

  1. Luxury Train Club The ultimate resource for luxury train journeys throughout the world, the Luxury Train Club is a booking agency that offers a 2.5 percent discount to all members. It is free to join.
  2. CNN Travel This article highlights eleven of the poshest trains around the world and features both The Rocky Mountaineer and The Canadian.
  3. Trip Savvy This article provides a guide to chartering luxury trains throughout the USA.
  4. VIA Rail This is the website for The Canadian trip with VIA Rail and provides a complete overview of available services, a detailed itinerary, and tips on how to maximize time spent in each city.
  5. The Rocky Mountaineer Visit this site for full details on the opulent Rocky Mountaineer experience, as well as help planning the trip of a lifetime.

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